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Victoria Brill, LAc

Seattle: 1904 3rd Ave, #1035, Seattle, WA 98101

Everett: 2320 Rucker, Suite 202, Everett, WA 98201

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Meet Victoria Brill Acupuncture Services in Seattle and Everett

Victoria Brill is a seasoned acupuncturist with over three decades of experience in alternative medicine, serving the Seattle and Everett areas. Licensed in Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, and Hypnotherapy in Washington State, she operates clinics in Downtown Seattle and Everett, WA. Her professional journey includes roles in various medical settings such as physical therapy clinics, hospitals, birthing centers, and retirement homes, culminating in establishing her private practice 25 years ago. Specializing in acupuncture for pain, injury, and emotional conditions, Victoria is committed to delivering a practical and comfortable treatment experience. She eagerly anticipates welcoming both new and returning patients to her clinics.


Victoria Brill offers a comprehensive range of acupuncture and Chinese medicine services that address a variety of conditions by restoring balance and enhancing body functions. Her treatments are designed to correct energetic imbalances and promote healing through the stimulation of specific acupuncture points along the body's meridians. Her clinic effectively treats conditions like back pain, sciatica, and joint pain, using methods like trigger point needling, electro-acupuncture, Chinese cupping, and moxibustion. Victoria’s approach not only alleviates symptoms but also targets the root causes of health issues, providing long-lasting relief and overall wellness.

Ear Acupuncture

Victoria Brill also provides specialized ear acupuncture services, a targeted form of acupuncture that focuses on specific points in the ear to treat a variety of ailments. This technique is based on the concept that the ear is a microsystem reflecting the entire body. Effective for issues such as addiction, stress, and pain management, ear acupuncture is a minimally invasive option that involves stimulating precise points on the ear to promote healing and balance throughout the body. Victoria's expertise in ear acupuncture offers patients a unique, supportive treatment that complements broader acupuncture therapies and enhances overall health and well-being.

Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is a traditional Chinese medicine technique that involves placing cups on the skin to create suction, which enhances circulation, relieves pain, and extracts toxins from the body. This therapy is particularly effective for deep tissue repair and easing conditions such as back and neck pain, stiff muscles, anxiety, fatigue, and migraines. The treatment also helps in respiratory conditions by promoting lung detoxification. Recognized for its ability to alleviate stress and promote relaxation, cupping is a therapeutic complement to other treatments, offering a holistic approach to health and wellness.

TDP Heat Therapy

TDP Heat Therapy employs a specialized lamp that emits far-infrared waves, a form of deep, penetrating heat that stimulates circulation, reduces inflammation, and promotes the body’s natural healing processes. This therapy is especially beneficial for chronic conditions such as arthritis, muscle stiffness, joint pain, and back pain. It enhances metabolic processes and aids in the detoxification of affected areas. TDP Heat Therapy is an effective, non-invasive treatment option that complements traditional acupuncture and cupping, offering patients a soothing and restorative experience that targets both the symptoms and underlying causes of their ailments.

Massage Therapy

Victoria Brill offers massage therapy as part of her holistic health services, skillfully combining traditional techniques with her expertise in bodywork to alleviate pain, reduce stress, and improve overall well-being. Her therapeutic massage treatments are tailored to meet the individual needs of her patients, focusing on areas of tension and discomfort. These sessions help to enhance blood flow, loosen tight muscles, and promote relaxation. Whether for general wellness, injury recovery, or stress relief, Victoria's massage therapy provides a deeply soothing experience, complementing her acupuncture and other traditional treatments for a comprehensive approach to health.

Energy Psychology – EFT

Victoria Brill integrates Energy Psychology with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) into her practice to address psychological, emotional, and physical ailments. EFT, often referred to as "tapping," involves stimulating specific meridian points on the body while focusing on emotional stressors. This method is designed to help manage stress, anxiety, phobias, and other emotional disturbances by rebalancing the body's energy system related to thoughts and feelings. Victoria's use of EFT provides a powerful tool for healing and self-regulation, allowing patients to achieve significant improvements in emotional well-being and overall health.

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