To learn more about acupuncture, acupuncture/massage combination treatments or if you have questions about pain relief or my treatments for psychological  conditions, please call  (206) 623-1630 or email me at

Victoria Brill, L.AC, LMP, HT

Seattle Health Therapies

1420 Fifth Ave. #2200

Seattle, WA   98101

Cross street:  Pike/Union

Downtown Seattle Location:  The clinic is located in the Seattle City Center Building.  Enter the building from Pike and Union through the revolving doors.  Take the escalators to your left to the second level.  Take the bank of elevators to your left marked floors “13-28” to the 22nd floor.  Turn right as you exit the elevators where you will be met by reception.

NOTE:  The elevators close at 5pm.  If you have an appointment at 5pm or 6pm and the elevators are closed, there is a lobby on the second level near the elevators.  Call my clinic 206-623-1630, and I will come down to meet you.

Parking is available in the City Center garage.  Pacific Place Garage is also a few blocks away.  There are city buses that will bring you to both 3rd and 5th Ave, blocks from the Seattle City Center building.