To learn more about acupuncture, acupuncture/massage combination treatments or if you have questions about pain relief or my treatments for psychological  conditions, please call  (206) 623-1630 or email me at

Victoria Brill, L.AC, LMP, HT

Seattle Health Therapies

1904 3rd Ave. #320B

Seattle, WA   98101

Cross street:  3rd/Steward

Downtown Seattle Location:  The clinic is location relocated on October 1st 2021.  When you see Total Health Chiropractic (suite 320A) continue down the hall to the next entrance.

Parking is available in several city lots on every corner.  There is also street parking available.  Link Light Rail is two blocks away on 5th Ave, at the side entrance at Nordstrom.  There are city buses on 3rd, 4th and 5th avenues.

Everett Acupuncture

3701 Colby Ave. (lower level)

Everett, WA   98101

A block away from the Everett Clinic, there is ample parking behind the building off of 37th Ave.  The entrance to the clinic is right off of the parking lot.